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Wholesale Natural Crystal Forms in Australia

There’s an almost endless list of beautiful stones to be found on earth and at Crystal Universe, we offer a wide array of crystals in their natural forms. A wonderful alternative to polished stones, natural cuts are the shapes the crystals naturally grow in as they form allowing you to marvel at the innate beauty of the gems.

Wholesale Natural Crystal Forms

A staple for any personal collection or spiritual shop, natural crystals are real show-stoppers. Their natural variety means every piece is perfectly unique and comes in a vast selection of shapes and sizes allowing them to slot in as an easy but exquisite addition to any selection.


With dazzling colours and fascinating forms crystals have captivated us for millennia and Crystal Universe is dedicated to finding the absolute finest examples of these gems for you. These enchanting formations create unique facets within the crystals allowing them to shine in ways entirely of their own and with some specimens consisting of masses of crystals that formed together they reflect light in ways that simply sparkle. 


Whether you use them for spiritual practices or just pure aesthetic pleasure our carefully selected range of options is sure to have something perfect for you and your customers. To see these stones for yourself or to purchase from a reliable Australian crystal wholesaler, explore our selection below. 


Please note that shipping costs may apply to some larger items that require delivery outside of the Melbourne Metropolitan area

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