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Wholesale Shaped Crystal & Stone


From witchcraft to wonder, crystals are often considered mystic items thought to have many abilities beyond our understanding. Their luminous beauty is alluring for many while others covet their connection to the earth.


While crystals in their natural forms are exceedingly beautiful, with some sculpting and shining they can look like entirely new stones. These new shapes also lead to new purposes for the various crystals. Spheres and wands are both used in divination practices while bowls and certain crystals are used for cleansing.


Shaping crystals once they’ve been discovered is an ancient tradition across the world, from China to Rome to Egypt even the Mayans carved their gemstones. These stones are held as sacred and treated with great respect. Often shapes are chosen now because of long-standing symbolism, most obvious in our collection.

Wholesale Crystal and Stone

Shaped crystals make for fantastic statement pieces in both personal collections and in-store arrangements whether due to size or novelty of shape. These pieces are also often more accessible for those new to crystals as they tend to be less delicate than some naturally formed clusters, especially in the case of tumbled stones.


Crystal Universe strives to cover all of your customers’ crystal needs and desires. That’s why our extensive range of shaped stones also comes in a variety of crystal types, so you can find the ideal combination of shape and significance for your needs. 


Explore the world of Shaped Crystals below. 

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