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Wholesale Goniatites Ornaments


Goniatite Fossils

Fossils are a fascinating reminder that the past is never truly gone. They show different ecosystems, different worlds from the one we know today, all preserved forever with beautifully fascinating details still visible after thousands or even millions of years. Goniatites are no different, showing a form of life that managed to flourish in the Devonian and Carboniferous periods before eventually going extinct near the end of the Permian.


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These Goniatite fossils are a part of how we’ve come to understand the world and the creatures that once inhabited our world. At Crystal Universe, we are dedicated to assisting businesses with the acquisition of fossils and stones like these, with Goniatites in a number of shapes and sizes, from partial Goniatites to full fossils.

To learn more, log into Crystal Universe and explore our full Goniatite collection today.

Goniatites from Morocco. I wouldn't be without one! Shaped whole specimens and discs.

Goniatites are a form of ammonite from the Devonian period.

Wholesale Goniatite Discs 40mm

Wholesale Goniatite Discs 40mm

Goniatite Fossil Discs. Devonian Ammonite Morocco. Please note individual items will differ from photograph. Size approximately 35 to 40mm diameter x 8mm thickness.

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