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Wholesale Jewellery in Australia

For the crystal enthusiast, there's nothing more alluring than the idea of wearing their favourite crystals. And for those who use crystals for spiritual practice, it’s strikingly useful to carry crystals on yourself by simply slipping on a stone. Magnificent and magic, it’s a delight to wear them whenever you want with Crystal Universe's selection of jewellery pieces. 

Wholesale Jewellery 

Jewellery makes for a fantastic addition to any spiritual store as a great way to introduce variety into your curation while still offering all the metaphysical abilities of the crystals embedded. 


And adorning ourselves with beautiful crystals is simply fun! Choosing the perfect piece can make you feel fantastic and ready to take on the world. Finding the ideal setting to place a crystal in only enhances its natural beauty. Paired with the correct cut and quality polishing, jewellery can be one of the prettiest ways crystals can be displayed.


Gemstones and Jewellery are a match made in heaven, the crystals steal the show whether they’re used to compliment an outfit or for their energetic benefits. Crystal Universe knows how personal jewellery can be and endeavours to offer a range of products diverse enough to fulfil any desire.


From Pendants to Rings, Keychains to Cabochons our wide array of crystal jewellery is sure to have an option for everyone. And with every accessory available in an ample variety of stones the number of selections is near limitless, a lineup which you can browse below.

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