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Wholesale Crystal Bracelets


Crystal bracelets mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For some, they are simply a stylish addition to their everyday outfits. For others, they’re considered a way to shield against emotional negativity and promote positive qualities. However, regardless of what you or your buyers are looking for from your wholesale crystal bracelet order, authenticity is always going to be key.

Crystal Universe’s Wholesale Crystal Bracelet Range

Crystal bracelets are exceptional for focusing when channelling energy through your hands especially if using a stone related to your current work, and their constant presence in your line of view is exceedingly helpful for remembering intentions you’ve set for yourself.


Fantastic for in-shop displays, bracelets are a wonderful option to quickly show what stones you have available to customers while also adding variety to your curation and they're a great addition to crystal care packages due to their universal appeal and usefulness.


Many of our styles look exceptional when stacked together, allowing for multiple stones to be worn at once, so you can customise a range of spiritual properties specific to your needs.

At Crystal Universe, we stock a range of authentic wholesale crystal chip bracelets, crystal bead bracelets, gemstone bracelets and more. With a wide selection of crystal and gemstone varieties, we have everything that you could possibly want from a wholesale crystal bracelet provider. To learn more about pricing and what we can offer, create an account or log in to explore our full range.

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