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Malachite with Cerussite

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Malachite with Cerussite
Brown's Prospect
Rum Jungle Mineral Field
Coomalie Shire
Northern Territory

Product Weight 1.25 KG
Product Length 135 MM
Product Width 65 MM
Product Height 100 MM

Brown's deposit or prospect is known as a world class mineral locality. The " Golden Age " of mineral collecting occurred in the 1970's when access to the collecting pit was accessible. Since then, flooding has allowed only sporadic collecting, the last occurrence in late 2012. The collecting pit, in the north-eastern region around the position of the original sealed road has remained inaccessible to this day. The Malachite specimens with their associated minerals are world renowned and this powerful piece is no exception.

A large cabinet plate of deep, luminous green Malachite crystals are coated with an eye-catching spray of millimetric, reticulated aggregates of Cerussite. Most likely collected during the 1970's, this specimen represents high quality, great condition, visual presence and a reminder that this mineral specimen type is rarely available in the modern age. This piece is stable, well balanced and is a stand out in any collection.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire a very high quality Malachite with Cerussite specimen from one of Australia's most celebrated mineral collecting localities that is no longer offering such lauded mineral specimens.



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