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Ema Eggs

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Ema Eggs (Seer Stones) in Amethyst, Clear, Rose & Smoky Quartz.
An amazing creation with a smooth polished face revealing their inner world.
Authentic Ema River "Eggs" from Southern Brazil.

Ema Eggs: Crystal Stone Eggs Wholesale

Also known as seer stones, these beautiful crystal Ema eggs are a fantastic addition to any crystal collection. In circles that believe in the power of crystals, these stone eggs are considered a means of assisting the holder’s powers and future sight. At Crystal Universe, we offer a wide selection of crystal eggs wholesale, so you and your customers have easy access to these truly magnificent finds. As with all authentic Ema eggs, our stone eggs are sourced from Southern Brazil, with Ema eggs taking their name from the Ema River of the region.

Different Wholesale Stone Eggs to Choose From

With Amethyst, Clear, Rose & Smoky Quartz available, each offering their own stunning colouring and their own uses in the crystal community, Crystal Universe has all the wholesale crystal eggs that you could need. So, shop with Crystal Universe today for all your wholesale stone egg needs.

Approximate dimensions:

Length 40-50mm x 30-40mm Width & 20-30mm in Depth

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