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Fluorapophyllite(K) on Stilbite with Heulandite

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Fluorapohyllite(K) on Stilbite with Heulandite
Deccan Lava Traps, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra State, India

Product Weight 1.80 KG
Product Length 200 MM
Product Width 150 MM
Product Height 120 MM

India has consistently produced the largest volume, range, variety and quality of the famous and revered Fluorapophyllite(K) and Stilbite combination mineral specimens. Apophyllites belong to a mineral class known as Phyllosilicates. The zeolite mineral class includes Stilbite and Heulandite and are known as Aluminosilicate minerals.

When combined, the result are some of the most striking and sought after mineral specimens. It would be unusual for a mineral collector to not possess at least one of these Indian treasures. Presented is an outstanding combination piece of Fluorapophyllite(K) on Stilbite with Heulandite. The deep rich green Fluorapophyllite(K) crystals are nestled beautifully amongst the glowing soft peach Stilbite crystals. Displayed atop the bright orange Heulandite matrix, this specimen is a dazzling landscape that sits flat and is spectacular all round. In exceptional condition and of a very large size, this Fluorapophyllite(K) on Stilbite specimen is a superior piece and would be a fine addition to any collection.

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