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Who are we?

Crystal Universe is one of Australia's most respected wholesaler of crystals, minerals, fossils and new-age jewellery. Originally established as AUSROX in 1984, we travel all over the world seeking out the natural treasures of the Earth, using our experience and resources to bring the worlds finest crystals and crystal products back to Australia. We have the finest, rarest and the largest pieces at the best possible prices.

We are overseas hand selecting material at least 6 times a year and are constantly receiving new shipments from Brazil, America, Uruguay, China and other parts of the world. Many of the magnificent crystals and gemstones that are displayed in Australian museums were collected by our company. Our clients include a diverse number of businesses including: museums, mineral collectors, healers, kinesiologists, Feng Shui consultants, interior designers, new age businesses and jewellers.

We have experts in the technical aspects of geological classification and evaluation as well as in the spiritual aspects of crystal application, meditation and healing practices. We do have a minimum purchase amount of $50, and delivery is usually via Australia Post. Occasionally we use couriers if the size is not suitable for standard postage. For more information regarding the services we provide, contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, make a appointment and drop by one of our two showrooms to browse our wide range of products.

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